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SA Mint launches R50 Mandela coins


As a tribute to Nelson Mandela, the South African Mint has announced the release of commemorative bronze and silver R50 coins.

The coins are to form part of the Mandela Centenary range. The bronze coin brands the face of Nelson as a young lawyer while the sterling silver coin depicts Nelson at later in his life, quite possibly in the midst of his presidency.

The price tag for the bronze and silver coins has been set at R127 and R695 respectively. But the cost holds some symbolic significance. Tumi Tsehlo, Managing Director of the SA Mint stated that the release of the coints is “to celebrate 100 years since the birth of Mandela, and in remembrance of the 27 long and lonely years he spent in prison”. Tshelo went on to say that R27 of the proceeds of every sale will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The coins were officially released on Monday 23rd April and can be purchased at the SA Mint retail store in Centurion as well as selected stores across the country.

Nelson Bronze coinNelson Mandela Silver Coin

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