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105 Year Old Granny Casts Her Special Vote

With a day left to the fourth democratic elections, members of the community who will not be able to go to various voting stations are casting their special vote on Monday and Tuesday.

105- year- old Selena Mantswe in Phala Street, Kimberley just casted her vote in the comfort of her home. The 105 year old is happy that she contributed to deciding who will govern South Africa. Whilst laying in her bed, Selena explains that she was visited by alot of people who came to help her vote.

“Alot of people came to see me make my mark. I’m happy I was able to vote though I’m slowly losing my hearing”.

The IEC says for this year’s elections, it has granted over 774 000 special votes, of these, 58.4% will be through home visits, while the remaining 41.6% special votes will be cast at voting stations.

The country’s 22 924 voting stations have been opened for citizens to cast their special votes today and tomorrow. This morning, election materials were transported from local warehouses to voting stations, ready for the first special votes to be cast from 9am to 5pm. The Electoral Commission has appealed for a reduction in political activities to allow space for voting to take place peacefully. The Electoral Act (73 of 1997) also specifically prohibits political meetings, marches, demonstrations or any other political event taking place on voting day. It also prohibits strikes and lockouts in the public transport and telecommunications sectors.

Selena will be celebrating her 105th on the 28th of May.

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