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45 days of governance

A modernized Northern Cape is in its infancy stages that will lead to the big reveal hopefully before the 5-year term comes to an end. While most leaders would be running around to put an outfit together, Dr Zamani Saul headed out to enjoy breakfast with the residents, staff and board members at Resthaven Home for the Aged.

This formed part of his community engagements, which allowed him to receive updates of the facilities where all citizens in need of care and protection are properly housed and to also witness all the updates personally.

The First Session of the Sixth Legislature took place on the 5th July 2019 at Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre in Kimberley. Dr Zamani started the State of the Province Address in an unusual way, by posing a question, “What is our struggle all about?”. He informed the cabinet that they cannot win the fight against the humiliation of the poor unless they are convinced that this is a just struggle.

“We cannot win the fight against this humiliation of the poor unless we are convinced that this is a just struggle. The first test on whether we are convinced as leaders that this is a just struggle, is the extent to which we are prepared to make personal sacrifices to create an advantage for the poor. If we fail the test of making personal sacrifices, then our commitment to eradicate the humiliation of poverty in the Province remains a mere pretext”.

Dr Zamani went back to his inauguration speech where he made a commitment to the unemployed youth of Lerato Park that they will identify those with matric to enroll them in different vocational and artisanal training programmes from July this year. A day after his inauguration, he led a group of volunteers and all Kimberley-based senior managers in government from door to door to seek and find unemployed matriculants.

“We found 400 young people and the first 90 will commence with their training at the TVET college on the 9th of July 2019. We will roll out the programme to all other districts in the province. This demonstrates our commitment to find workable and practical solutions to resolve our people’s problems”.

The premier extended an invite to opposition parties to help in the fight against humiliation and poverty.
“We invite all political parties in this august chamber to join us in the struggle to eradicate the humiliation of poverty and unemployment. In our conduct, we should not reduce the problems that our people face to sterile sparring matches between the different parties”.

One of the Premier’s rules for his cabinet is to be courageous and hard-working and it seems members of the cabinet have been hard at work since being inaugurated.

After the state of the province address, MEC of Health rushed to the Galeshewe Day Hospital to hand out another batch of 19 emergency vehicles. He also congratulated the emergency medical services graduates who were present at the handover. A community member who was present at the handover was impressed with the new vehicles.
“I am very pleased that the hospitals are getting more vehicles, this shows that we are on the right path,” said Mary van der Linde.

MEC of Roads and Public Work, Bass Vosloo and MEC of Health, Mase Manopole held a bilateral engagement on the state of health facilities infrastructural projects and inherent challenges in the province. Both MEC’s visited health infrastructure projects and noted the gravity of issues raised by the stakeholders and communities.

NC Premier, Dr Zamani Saul with the MEC of Sports Arts and Culture, Berenice Sinexebe and other members of the SANBO delegation

They further resolved to meeting on a monthly basis in order to assess the progress towards improving service delivery mechanisms. The departments are also to conduct assessments on the state of health infrastructure and are expected to compile a comprehensive infrastructure master plan for the province which will be discussed in a follow up MEC bilateral meeting.

The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture held the elite and youth men and women national boxing championship with the South African National Boxing Organisation (SANBO). Amateur boxers from all 9 provinces attended the boxing championships in Kimberley to show case their moves in the ring this past weekend. Sports, Arts and Culture MEC, Berenice Sinxebe got a chance to welcome the boxers to the province as this was her first public appearance.

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