For The People

60 days of governance

Premier Dr. Zamani Saul led his executive council to different communities in the Northern Cape, to allow members of the communities to share their daily burdens with them.

Greenpoint community seen engaging with the panel

The outreach began in Ritchie, 45.7km from Kimberley. A young woman presented the premier and his council with two business plans that will help benefit the community of Ritchie while other people were complaining about the dire situation the town finds itself in. Dr. Saul was quite impressed by this young lady stating she was bringing solutions. The outreach moved to Greenpoint where he reminded people of the plan to build a modern developed Northern Cape. The people of Greenpoint complained that the government had forgotten about them yet Greenpoint is known as one of the oldest locations in Kimberley.

Moreen Mentjies complained that the newly built Greenpoint High School has no electricity and that the school has become a haven for criminals as it is robbed almost every month. She added that the location is not included in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

“Our school Greenpoint High does not have electricity and people break into the school almost every month. We voted but our Greenpoint is not in the IDP, I ask that you take us seriously”.

One of the community members asked the MEC of Education, Mac Jack to adopt the specific school as per the premier’s speech.

MEC Jack responded to the masses by saying that team work is needed within the school for the betterment of the school.

“There’s no team work in Greenpoint. The relationship needs to work as school issues reflect community issues. The school got a 45% pass rate for grade 12 ,I will only adopt the school if it will adopt me but we must all work together”.

Daughter of the ward councilor, Norman Maditse stated that she is a paralegal graduate who has been unemployed for seven years. She has pleaded with the executive council to take the youth of Greenpoint seriously. The community session headed to De Aar and Colesburg as a pre Mandela Day outreach. While the staff of economic development and finance were hands on at St Peters Primary school with renewing their food garden, the premier was in Petrusville and Van Der Kloof where he had lunch with the elderly and engaged with schools as means of building a relationship that will create a sustainable impact in the lives of those in need. He handed out agriculture starter packs for food gardens, school uniforms and school library books.

Just a day after Mandela Day, over 200 youth from across the country descended to the Kimberley Diamond Cup on Friday. Dr. Saul reminded the youth that it is great that the Kimberley Diamond Cup is launched a day after Mandela Day who dedicated his life for the children and youth to be prosperous.

“This is an important event in the calendar of the Northern Cape and also important for the economic geography of our province. We want to use tourism and particularly sport tourism to attract tourists to our province and create as many needed jobs as possible, this is especially important for our youth” said Dr. Saul.

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