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Abs are made in the kitchen

Ever heard the saying “Ab’s are made in the kitchen?”

It speaks to a terrible misunderstanding about how abs are developed. We all think that you grow and manufacture the athletic physique of strong abdominal muscles by lifting iron in the gym. We’re wrong. Abdominal muscles are dealt with in the kitchen. 80 % nutrition and 20% exercise is the name of the game in the gaining world. 80% of losing weight and excess fat is through eating the right nutrition. We have to start eating healthy at home, at work, on the weekends, on holidays and understand that is in an integral part of not only looking good but of your’ being being good as well.

We get trapped in the notion of consumption on a daily basis. Both subliminally and conscientiously. We are told what is tasty and delicious, we believe it and unfortunately end up unhealthy and obese. If we start exercising our abs by exercising what we put in our mouths we will be a healthier, happier world.

Natural fats, sugars, oils and carbohydrates are available to us yet we don’t pursue purchasing or even growing them ourselves. Therefore, the amount of artificial fats, sugars, oils and carbohydrates get us into tons of trouble. It is not real, not matter how much the label says so. If you are not putting original goods in your mouth, what are you putting in it?

By simply eating right, not making a big fuss about it and just doing it, you are well on your way to a healthier-stronger-abdomen. Once the correct exercises are added to the correct eating plan then things start to come together.

In order for that you to happen, you need to:
– Get the ratio between what you put in your mouth and how much you exercise right
– Eat the original versions of foods as far as possible
– Exercise discipline so that you can train yourself to put in your mouth what your body needs and not what your eyes want
– Do at least 10-20minutes of ab exercises every single day

Our bodies don’t need half the stuff we put into it. Don’t waste time not looking after yourself. Do what your body needs first before doing what it wants.

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