For The People

“An Agenda for Change”

This is message that the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) manifesto seeks to convey to South Africans. The stage was set at a packed Rand Stadium on Saturday where Mmusi Maimane delivered his party’s manifesto to lure voters to support them at the polls.

“Change is coming! We did it before, and we’ll do it again” boasted Maimane in reference to the party’s governing of Tshwane and Joburg metros. Maimane drew on the experiences of his father who he said ensured that he got an education, despite the difficulties they ensued.

Maimane lambasted the ANC for losing sight of the goal after the 1994 democratic braektrough. He indicated that while ordinary folk must be satisfied with RDP houses ANC leaders drink the most expensive champaigns and stay in “palaces like Nkandla.”

The leader of the opposition pointed out that while the ANC started out as liberators they also became looters of the Arms Deal, Bosasa and VBS while millions lived in poverty. “Corruption has stolen the dignity and the future of millions of our people” said Maimane.

He said the party is positive that it will govern Gauteng and the Northern Cape provinces after the May polls. The party’s manifesto commits to the following:

• putting a job in every home to turn houses into homes through a new legislation (Jobs Act) that provides for tax incentives
• allowing small businesses and entrepreneurs to flourish resulting in more jobs
• maximising the manufacturing , agriculture and tourism sectors
• introduction of a voluntary National Civilian Service of 1 year for school leavers
• redistribution of land through legal means and with compensation
• introduction of a housing voucher system that will serve as a deposit to buy or build a house
• more power to provinces to control police and the introduction of a rural safety unit
• mineworkers to be shareholders in the mines where they work
• increase in the child grant
• minimum sentence of 15 years for corruption related offences
• quality education and improved ICT to create digital citizens

“I know we can grow our economy and create jobs. I promise we can realise the South African dream: If we work hard, our children can have a better future” Maimane stated.

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