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ANC Advises Sol Plaatje to suspend MM and CFO

In an about turn, the African National Congress in the Northern Cape has advised the Sol Plaatje Municipality (SPM) to suspend the Municipal Manager (Goolam Akhawary) and the Chief Financial Officer (Lydia Mahloko). The duo has been on voluntary leave since Thursday last week upon advice from the ANC. The new development came after the ANC’s Provincial Officials met with community leaders and the ANC’s Frances Baard Regional leaders.

The meeting also decided that the ANC will intervene in uplifting the interdict against Pantsi Obusitse and Tumelo Mosikare, who have been leading the campaign. A committee was also established, which is comprised of the Department of COGHSTA, SPM, community representatives and the ANC, that will meet regularly to address all the grievances.

The ANC’s Provincial Secretary, Deshi Ngxanga said that they will also assist the community members that were arrested. He also suggested that the ANC will explore the possibility of raising funds to pay the bail of the arrested citizens.

Ngxanga apologised to all the businesses that were negatively affected during the violent protests and indicated that the ANC “finds it regrettable that municipal as well as private property was destroyed. The violent protests and the looting has, in the main, affected mostly the working class and the poor which is regrettable.”

He encouraged the citizens of Sol Plaatje to refrain from any violence and pleaded with the community to allow for an incident free re-opening of schools tomorrow.

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