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ANC Lekgotla – What Was the Outcome?

The National Executive Committee (NEC) sat for the Lekgotla from the 1st – 3rd June where a way forward for the 6th administration was to be established. The outcomes of the Lekgotla were addressed by the African National Congress (ANC) Secretary General, Ace Magashule at the Luthuli House.

“We want to ensure that what people have said, demanded and protested about is now translated into our manifesto that will be a contract with the people of South Africa. We want to action their pleas and not just leave it as something we spoke about,” Magashule said.

There are seven key areas that are to be implemented by the 6th administration that form part of their manifesto:

1. Transformation of the economy to benefit all South Africans and to create jobs.
2. Investing into all people via education, skills and health.
3. Improvement of social transformation through strengthening social wage.
4.Tackle persistence of apartheid spatial development to build sustainable and safe human settlements, towns, rural areas and effective local government.
5. Advance nation-building and social cohesion, for a safe nation for all.
6. Build a better Africa and world: Lekgotla appreciates the implementation of conference resolutions such as the downgrading of the Israel embassy into a liaison office, solidarity with the people of Cuba, Venezuela, Saharawi and Palestine.
7. Renewing and building a capable, honest and developmental state.
The top ten concerns that the people raised were jobs, water, sanitation, housing, education, electricity, crime, roads, corruption and land.

The ANC, within their 25 years of governance have implemented social grants for children, elderly and for the disabled. Electricity has been provided to over 70% of households while access to water, sanitation and refuse removal has been made available to millions. Although still in lack in many parts of the country, Kimberley being one of the major areas, there are areas where roads have been upgraded as well as social infrastructure in disadvantaged areas where the masses live. The ANC will reflect on lessons from the past and also what they aim to achieve in the future so as to ensure that they get it right now and going forward.

Eskom and South African Airways (SAA) is a priority for the Lekgotla to fix as these entities, when inefficiently managed, (as has been the case with Eskom as of late) are detrimental to the economy of the country. With an economy already fickle and under strain, all means are necessary to protect and repair it.

SMMEs are to receive increased support from government with one-stop business registration and easy access to capital and markets. Government will review procurement to foster support for local economic development, BBBEE and small businesses and cooperatives. An effective formula will be developed targeting the unemployed, women and youth owned small enterprises among other sectors of the economy.

As per the outcomes of the Lekgotla, work experience required for young people for entry level jobs will be removed especially in the public sector. The unemployment rate stands at 27,6% for the first quarter of 2019 and is declared a national crisis which the Lekgotla aims at decreasing to at least 14% in the next five years.

“We are going to transform the economy to serve all South Africans and create jobs. We want to invest in the capabilities of all the people through an education, health and skills revolution,” Magashule said.

Ace warned that all ministers should work diligently in their various sectors and those that fail to do so shall be shown no mercy and will only have themselves to blame.

With the vision set, it is now time for it to be implemented so that South Africa can proudly be a country whose government its citizens can confidently rely on. Is it a pipe dream to envisage a government like that? Some would say that at the rate pressing matters affecting our citizens have been handled, yes. Others would argue that its only through weaknesses that we can become stronger. Let us give the 6th administration fair time to execute their mandate. We will be here, watching, waiting and most certainly reporting.

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