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ANC State Capture Enabler

ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa, admitted that ANC members enabled state capture on Monday on a ENCA broadcast.

Ramaphosa said, “Before the state was captured, it was the ANC that was captured. Yes, as the Zondo commission unfolds, clarity will become more apparent on that”. 

The president was addressing a gathering in Lynnwood, Pretoria, as part of the ANC’s campaign ahead of the general election on May 8.

“The state institutions were targeted, but they found a way through utilizing people within our own ranks, and that’s something we’ve admitted. Let me say, you don’t hear other parties admitting to their errors, like the ANC, and that will make the renewal process much, much easier,” he said. 

A number of senior ANC officials have been implicated at the Zondo commission.

The ANC has previously called on the public or anyone with information to come forward and testify at the inquiry.

In March on a campaign trail in Delft in the Western Cape, Ramaphosa said the truth will come out in the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture, and the truth will hurt the ANC and some individuals.

“As the ANC we were humble enough to say the that wrong things were done in the past. And we humble ourselves. There have been mistakes, there have been missteps. But at the same time we are saying accountability must take its course. Those who were responsible for anything that has gone wrong must be accountable. They must face the full might of the law,” said Ramaphosa. 

Many high-ranking ANC officials have already been implicated in corruption and other irregularities at the Zondo commission.

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