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ANC Top Brass Seek Meeting with Shivuri

Lieutenant-General Shivuri

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Northern Cape has requested an urgent meeting with the Provincial Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Rasemati Shivuri. This comes at the wake of a number of senseless murders of young men in Kimberley recently. This weekend, a 27-year-old man was fatally stabbed by his friend apparently during a quarrel over a R5.00.

The ANC said in a statement that it “noted with a great sense of concern the senseless violence that has erupted in Galeshewe, that ultimately results in the untimely deaths of young people. “We have, as the ANC been committed to working with communities to rid our communities of all forms of crime, drugs and gangsterism. We are of the strong view that the loss of one life, is one life too many.”

The governing party’s officials (Top5) will meet Shivuri to ensure that there is an increase in strengthening police visibility in Galeshewe. The ANC has emphasized that visible policing should increase especially over the long Easter weekend. “We will call upon the Police commissioner to declare a war on crime and gangsterism induced by the illegal drug trade within our communities. We are calling for the deployment of the police’s tactical response team to deal decisively with crime ridden hotspots and to flush out the drug lords and dens wherever they are hiding,” the statement read.

According to the ANC’s Provincial Secretary, Deshi Ngxanga, the party made a plea to parents to ensure that they report suspicious and criminal behavior to all law enforcement agencies and local community policing forums. “The ANC sends it heartfelt condolences to the parents and friends of all the young people who lost their lives due to these senseless killings, we are committed to ensuring that this ends and it ends now,” Ngxanga exclaimed.

In the meantime, crime fighting organization, Operation Wanya Tsotsi, has stated that it has handed over a suspect involved in the killing of a 27-year old man over the weekend. The organization posted on its Facebook page that “We just want to make it clear that this is not gang related. It has nothing to do with Destruction Boys or any gang. We have been handing over suspects in most of the recent murders.” They have appealed to the police to stop threatening them with arrests while they are the ones who are handing over suspects.

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