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The ANC YOUTH LEAGUE REGIONAL WORKING COMMITTEE held a meeting to reflect on a number of issues mainly on the outcome of a special council meeting that convened yesterday at Sol Plaatje Local Municipality which ousted the Executive Mayor Mangaliso Matika.

We note this action as very much concerning simply because the motion was brought forward by the Democratic Alliance an official opposition of the ANC, we are raising this issue that comrades of the ANC must always subject themselves to policies and procedures of the party, our guiding document which is the constitution can never amended nor disregarded on the basis of alignment or factional groupings.

We condemn this behaviour in the strongest possible terms, the actions that where taken by councillors of the ANC to vote with the opposition in a motion that was sponsored by the DA to oust one of their own. They acted in the best interest of the community in addressing their forwarded grievances, it is so unfortunate that society might view those councillors as heroes but at no point should deployees of the ANC disregard how the organisation operates.

The ANC YOUTH LEAGUE makes this calling without fear or favor and this should apply to any deployee who transgresses and found doing wrong, Mangaliso Matika is not and can never be treated as a precious metal above every member of the ANC where even the leadership of the ANC don’t take time and reflect on what has actually led to the current status at the Municipality and in the Region but are quick to call for an urgent interdict on the outcome of council.

The Absence of the Regional Leadership in a sequence of events that led to the shutdown and violent protests is quite alarming, where society has been providing leadership to and the organisation only reacting afterwards calls for a concern and that we view it as serious incompetence. ANC should have been at the center of all proceedings and engagements to provide direction to the masses from the day they were calling for high electricity tarrifs and many other irregularities.

We as the League welcomes Section 106 instituted by Department of Coghsta to investigate certain officials and Mangaliso Matika, the time frame and and magnitude of the investigation makes it even impossible for the task team conclude it’s said duty on time and that we reject as a structure, a credible and independent body should have undertaken such responsibility so as to bring calm to the community and all other parties affected, we would like to make mention on one amongst the terms of reference to investigate the council meeting that led to the removal of the speaker Santa Johnson, we find it very contradictory and this is showing the level of inconsistency in addressing the issues confronting the organisation and very biased, this we view as a serious oppression on women in general, comrade Santa is a member of the ANC and how the matter was handled can never be accepted and its very foreign to what the organisation stands for, the investigation further points to the ousted Executive Mayor and yet he was reporting for duty and acting normal as if nothing has happened whilst the investigation on allegations leveled against him dates from 2016.

The ANC has failed dismally without exception to address the concerns of community and provide leadership and it is our view that it is time the ANC NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE intervenes and bring this matter to rest once and for all.

We call on the ANC to never and at no point to walk in isolation of the ordinary members of society, voters and supporters of the ANC as it is the same people that continue to show their unwavering support and keep us in power. The time to focus on our election has long passed and that should be our primary objective moving forward.

We as a league has always maintained we will walk with the masses of our people and today calm has been restored and it is the sole responsibility of the ANC to make sure from here onwards never shall we find ourselves in confrontation or opposing sides with the people.

We wish to welcome the Acting Mayor Cllr Pule Thabane and Acting Speaker Cllr Joel Stout to bring calm and restore dignity in council.


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