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Aunty Pat to Launch a New Political Party…Again

The erstwhile Mayor of the Cape Town Metro ,former Independent Democrats (ID) leader and former Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) MP , Patricia de Lille has stated at a media briefing on Sunday that she intends to launch a new political party.

Her new party will contest the provincial and national elections. The party has already set up a website with a mission statement and by line of “South Africa needs good people to fight for good people.” It has not been registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) yet which may be the reason why she indicated that more information will be forthcoming from the “For Good” movement.

She said that the new movement “will groom the youth to build a new breed of politicians that will fight against corruption, neglect of the elderly, promote good business practices and stimulate the economy.” January 2019 has been identified as the month of the official launch of the party/movement.

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