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Bikers Revving Engines to Raise Funds for Cancer Reasearch and Awareness


KIMBERLEY – As part of an annual Cancer Outreach programme, the Bike Cancer Rally KimberleyDiamond Knights Bikers Club partnered with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to host its first ever Shavathon at the Galeshewe Plaza this past Saturday. As Bikers revved their massive motorcycles, the roaring machines attracted attention from community members who participated in the event by shaving or spray painting their lovely locks and beards or donating directly to the cause. The event was hosted by Vice President of the Diamond Knights Bikers Club and founder of the Charity Foundation, Mr Tebogo Kadinda. He said the colourful spectacle was aimed at raising awareness of the current scourge of Cancer in the Northern Cape Province as well as to urge the black community to refrain from ignoring symptoms before it is too late.

Mr Kadinda said it was his personal experience with the prevalence of Cancer that prompted him to target disadvantaged communities for Cancer outreach. “We are trying to bring especially black communities closer to the realities of cancer. Recently we’ve picked up on a lot of Cancer cases in our community, which have always been there but the problem is, they cannot exactly pinpoint or tell it is cancer until it is too late, so there is a serious challenge with regards to access to information, “ said a concerned Mr Kadinda. Bikers revving for Cancer Awareness and research said that it was important to conduct outreach programmes like these so that communities can work together to fight the pandemic. “We can beat Cancer if we have the information and share the information amongst each other.

Bike Cansa Rally ShavingAt the end of the day it’s something we can beat but our community does not think so. Yes it’s deadly but we can destroy it if we work together,” said Mr Tebogo Hlako a member of the Diamond Knights Bikers Club. Mr Monty Mocumi, stressed the significance of ubuntu in black communities in beating Cancer “We are living within the communities, and as a result it is important for us to celebrate events like these because we live with people and things that affect the people affect us.

“ CANSA Community Mobiliser Leone Taljaard said that the organisation had already rooted itself in the community by hosting regular checkups with patients in the Galeshewe area, but the outreach with the Diamond Knights Bikers Club yielded an even more positive result. Ms Taljaard further stressed the importance of hosting such initiatives in diverse communities who do not have access to information about the scourge, “Cancer affects all races and all ages, and we need to do as much awareness as possible to reduce the risk of cancer, as there is an increase in cancer, we need to reach more people as the Northern Cape currently has the highest incidence of Lung Cancer.” Mr Kadinda further stated that he would like to introduce this initiative to the ‘township’ as it is not common for Shavathon to be hosted in such areas. He further hopes that the awareness initiatives will prompt communities to check for Cancer earlier to avoid late diagnosis.

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