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Bikers’ say NO to gender-based violence

Motorcyclists’ from various corners of the country revved their massive two-wheeled machines to say no to gender-based violence in their respective communities at a gathering at the Witdam police station in Kimberley. Hosted by the Diamond Knights Club Charter, the city saw a slew of bikers from various Motorcycle Clubs attend the Bikerville session in the Diamond City to launch the club’s charity initiative.

The weekend was action packed with many activities ranging from charity-drives throughout the city and a showcase of the beastly motorbikes capabilities at the Yorkshire Cricket Grounds, the top priority for the rugged bikers was to spread their message against the recent spate of gender-based violence in communities throughout the country.

President of the Hood Ratz MC – Billie-Jean Mohale says as bikers they are all too familiar with the increasing number of incidents of violence against women and children. This he added was a cause for concern and action. “I’m not saying that we are perfect. Some of us we grew up doing these things but we then realized more especially when you have a child and they’re girls we then ask ourselves what if this was to happen to my daughter how will I feel?” questioned the MC President.

The Bikers have fully committed themselves to fighting the epidemic. “As bikers we are fully committed to this cause. As bikers we will deal with such perpetrators. We as bikers dismiss any form of criminality and abuse against our women and children,” Mohale added.

The Diamond Knights and other charters have vowed to fight the scourge of gender-based violence hand in hand with police. Coordinator for Social Crime Prevention at the Witdam Police Station in Galeshewe – Sergeant Susan Mapitse has welcomed bikers’ intervention and assistance with open arms. “I want to applaud you as bikers for seeing it fit as men and women who also want to contribute and say no to violence against women and children. I want to say to you do not stop here please go out there and motivate and empower the women who are being emotionally and physically abused,” said Mapitse.

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