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“Blood on my Versace” Craft of a Musical Hub

Finding like-minded artists to partner with may be a formidable process for some, but for ‘’The Collective’ trio they got their perfect fit. Producer CHEDDA BEATS (Brian Metsing) and rappers PROPH (Lesego Robertson) and ONX BE THE BEST (Onke Kambi), came together to craft their newest album; ‘Blood on My Versace’ with appealing songs which vehicle the group’s opinions, life experiences and offers a glimpse of their real life experiences and how they view the city that they live in and the world around them.

Their energy, charisma and narration is effortless dashing their individual vernacular. The group ensured that their raw stories would form part of the narrative thus becoming the blue print of their craft, “We grew up listening to various artists telling stories about their life experiences and neighbourhoods. This encouraged us to do the same,” they collectively agreed.

According to the triad, they saw what a beautiful and interesting place Kimberley is, so naturally they wanted to share their experiences of the city, good and bad, sad and funny. “We just want to reap the sows of our city,” said rapper Proph.

They write their own lyrics, thus their creative process requires a conducive environment where a lot of brainstorming, discussing and conceptualising takes place. In their words “this is where the magic happens”. “The studio is a sacred space for us, that’s where we are free to voice our day to day experiences without restrictions, judgement or prejudice. It is a safe space where we can just have fun with each other,” remarked Onx Be The Best.

When asked how the title of the album came about, they mentioned that at the time of conceptualising the project, Versace was on everybody’s lips, everybody wanted to be draped in the lavish brand, “To us it was just a matter of putting a question on the price of Versace,” added artist, Onx Be The Best.

Chedda, the producer and engineer behind the instrumentation in the album says that it is important for artists to be themselves and not sell their souls, “The little that you have is enough to make an impact. Don’t let the sliver fool you, a bigger piece of the pie still awaits,” He remarked.

Although they are individual artists in their own right, ‘Blood on my Versace’ is a project that the three artists endeavoured on together under The Collective Entertainment Company. The Collective is an entertainment hub that incorporates many other performing artists in the province, thus playing a corporate societal role in promoting, supporting and growing performers in the Province.

The performer Proph says that, two brains are better than one, “Imagine if 10 or 20 people came together with one common purpose, to createe meaningful art and music”.

The album features another local artist, MicNif. The Collectives hopes to collaborate with other local artists in the future such as K9, Lucille Slade, KhayaOmnyama, Basematic, Term and Khool, Chillo, Angie Santana, Ivan Faywers, Hash Brown, The Verdict, Moolan, Lakito, KrossWord and Taliban to name a few. It is clear they are very proud of the artists who all hail from Kimberley as they jokingly express “No one is top-notch than Kimberley’s very own”.

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