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Blunting, is it really that bad?

The 18th September marked an important day for Cannabis consumers. It is safe to say that there must be something great about the herb that has left many members of the South African constituency very, very happy.

“It is about time that this happens. So many people use cannabis, and the result in the main is that they are so much happier after. I am very happy that we can now at least use our herb in the privacy of our homes without being paranoid about getting caught,” said an anonymous Cannabis consumer.

There has generally been a negative opinion about the plant, mostly by people who do not consume it. Anti-drug activists think that a few puffs on a joint will turn you into a red-eyed, unemployed psychopath – probably for life. Cannabis actually has some very surprising health benefits, here they are:

– You are less likely to become obese when smoking marijuana. The researchers from Conference of Quebec University Health Centres looked at 700 adults aged 18-74 – and found that cannabis users tend to have low body mass index scores (often taken as a sign of good health). People with low BMIs tend to have less body fats and tend to be at lower risk for diabetes.

– It increases your creativity. After the consumption of cannabis, some people find that they are able to engage conversations with a greater understanding and depth than before.

– As opposed to alcohol, which generally results in people becoming aggressive much quicker than when they are sober, ending in many cases of violence, marijuana has a general alternate effect on the body. People become more calm, relaxed and peaceful after cannabis consumption

Although there might be medicinal advantages to smoking marijuana, consumers in the main use it for the recreational high they experience after a joint or two. Now that it can be consumed legally in the privacy of your own home, it is important to ensure that you have understood the judgement correctly. In case anyone is still confused about it, here are the basics:

– The government has 24 months to write this bill into the law. However, as of the 18th September, South Africans are free to use the substance in the privacy of their own homes.

– It is yet to be clarified the quantity that is allowed to be consumed in your home. The Parliament will be the governing authority to decide this.

– Although the official status for cannabis is now “decriminalised”, the dealing / selling of the substance and the consumption thereof outside the confines of your private space is still prohibited by law and therefore still illegal.

– You are allowed to grow the plant in your yard and use that for your recreational use

As with any substance consumption, this too should be treated with responsibility.

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