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Self-love campaign by Faiz Mills and Tazlynn Norman

On the 8th of April, Tazlynn Norman and Faiz Mills launched a social media campaign to spread self-acceptance awareness among young women. Their aim is to challenge societal beauty standards, while promoting awareness about the beauty of difference and representation. Local Photographer, Faiz Mills, photographed the eight selected women, each challenging a different societal beauty standard as well as representing the s-e-l-f-l-o-v-e letters, against the backdrop of the rustic Kimberley Train Station.

The campaign was launched in the form of different photographs of each of the participants as well as a video in which each of the women explain what society has labelled them, such as “blacky” and “boesman”, and how they have challenged and overcome what was considered a flaw.

“Our aim is to get women to respect each other, embrace each other and love each other and ourselves. Especially as women of colour, we need to fix the crown that is falling and not see it as an opportunity to shine. We have to love ourselves and each other in order to set the bar high for those who want to get to know and love you”, explained Norman.

The Self-Love campaign is set to continue annually and to involve all the participants in self-awareness and self-love talks targeted at young women who are struggling with identity and self-acceptance at local schools in the future.
“We want to broaden our campaign to a video and photo session each year to include different stories and portray different perspectives. We also want to have a toiletry bag drive for women who are disadvantaged, and have the same girls participate,” she commented.

The content of the campaign is available on Facebook: Faiz Mills Photography and Instagram: @faizmillsphotography

To get involved in the toiletry bag drive, contact: Tazlynn Norman, 072 514 8354

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