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Celebrating youth pioneers in our Northern Cape province

Youth day, coming up on June 16th, is the day we celebrate young South Africans and their influence on society as a whole in terms of policies and ideologies aimed at promoting youth development. The entire month of June is dedicated to remembering the lives of those students who were massacred during a mass action; protesting the forceful inception of Bantu Education. On the 16th of June 1976, students all over the country took to the streets to revolt against a system that would further marginalize them as black citizens during under the Apartheid regime. It is during this month young South Africans give thanks to those who have paved the way for youth to empower themselves through educational, entrepreneurial and artistic spheres.

One of the Northern Cape’s youth pioneers of note is Mkhokeli Pino, CEO of Markets by Pino Tau Media. For the past three years, Pino Tau Media has hosted a series of outdoor markets, that have managed to attract some of the most exciting and dynamic individuals from all corners of the Northern Cape. Pino says the markets offer youth the ideal environment to network, socialize and collaborate in pursuit of their artistic and entrepreneurial dreams. Pino says what prompted him and his team of creative’s to start the market was the “need to take advantage of that gap in the market to provide people with that opportunity and platform to create things for themselves. When we came back to Kimberley we noticed that there was a lot of unemployment and a lot of despondence in the city that can be curbed by giving people these platforms to express themselves.”

The Pino Tau Media CEO further went out to say, that the Market was conceptualized to mould talented youth in the city. “We realized that there are a lot of talented people in Kimberley and a lot of people who have left Kimberley to pursue opportunities outside of Kimberley in the Metros and so on. But here in Kimberley there was nothing really happening locally that gave them that platform to you know test their skills and embrace their creativity,” explained Pino.

Had it not been for the bloodshed by the students of the Soweto Uprising of ’76, Pino believes Black youth would have never drawn inspiration to revolt against unfair circumstances and obstacles they face every day. “They took it upon themselves to determine their own future and to create a better South Africa for us all. So in as much as they have achieved what they have achieved we now have the opportunity and responsibility in 2018 to confront the problems that face our society passionately and that’s why I think it’s important to observe it but not only in a sense of celebrating a day but really to look at the whole of society and see how we can use our own knowledge and skills and abilities on a daily basis and to improve the living conditions of other people.”

In addition, Pino also announced that the Market@Flamingo would be hosting its first ever Market @ Flamingo Awards. The awards are aimed at celebrating and inspiring Kimberlites to push beyond their boundaries and excel in business and creative spheres. “What the Market Awards wants to do is to considering the fact that we have given so many people the opportunity to embrace their skills and to express their entrepreneurial abilities we need to also celebrate them and say you guys are doing a very good job, you guys are working very hard and we should not wait until people become big celebrities before we as Kimberley people start to appreciate them.

We want to target young entrepreneurs that are starting out, that are building brands and to celebrate them already and to encourage that spirit of really celebrating each other more than we celebrate other people that come from elsewhere,” said Pino. The first ever Market @ Flamingo Awards will take place at the Market Indaba in August this year.


Youth Month 2018

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