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The changing face of the biker community

The Charity Launch Rally organised by Diamond Knights Bikers Club over the weekend proved that black bikers (Africans and Coloureds) are taking to the sport in great numbers. Solomon Star spoke to club members from across the country and they were unanimous in their view that the event was successful and professionally organised. It has been reported that black clubs have been existence since late 1940’s. Kimberley based motorcycle club, CC Riders has been in existence since 1978.

The Galeshewe stadium precinct was buzzing with hundreds of motorbikes easily totalling a combined worth of over R50m, considering that it is not a cheap sport. Children showed up in their numbers to get a glimpse of the thunderous Harley Davidsons, BMW’s, Suzuki’s and Kawasaki’s. An inspiring sight was the many female bikers who are not only owners of the fast and loud machines, but are leading their respective clubs as office bearers. To the bikers it is not just a group of guys and girls riding together, it is more a brotherhood and sisterhood.

The biking community is also well known for their charity work and community outreach programmes. The wearing of the patch on your back derives a lot of respect and also puts a lot of responsibility on you to be respectful and exemplary.

Queen V from Mahikeng was parking her Suzuki Boulevard M109R, when we caught up with her. She was sporting the President’s patch of the Checkmate Biking Club. Her bike is easily worth R 200 000.00 and she said that the fundamental principle of every biker community is the common love for the motorcycle. Another female rider, Patlego, from Taung told us that she has been riding for 4 years and enjoys the sport.

She also happens to be the First Lady of the Skull Riders Motorcycle Club. According to Kari a female rider and Vice President of Platinum Expendables MCC from Garankuwa, they (female riders) are treated as equals by the male club members while executing the same duties diligently.

Some of the other clubs that attended participated in the rally are : CC Riders (Kimberley); Jungle Cats Riders (Bloemfontein); Batsumi MC (Gauteng); Braveheartz (Cape Town); Soweto Panthers (Gauetng); Deperados MC.


Queen V poses on her Suzuki
Batsumi and Braveheartz Club members
Riders relaxing after a long day

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