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Commemorating World Population Day

We live in a world that grows and develops at the speed of light, some countries and continents at vastly different rates than others. World Population Day seeks to pay attention and raise awareness to a topic we very often overlook; the effects of the population on the world and the means in which systems need to adapt to be able to keep up with the steady increasing population.

The globe currently houses an estimated 7.7 billion people, of which South Africa is home to an approximate 58 million people. China takes the lead with 1,4 billion people, followed by India with 1,3 billion.

The government of the Northern Cape, being the area with the biggest land mass yet the smallest population, is responsible for an estimated 1,2 million people. With the many social ills and service delivery qualms that a vast majority of the Northern Cape residents face, the Department of Social Development hosted the World Population Day commemoration in Upington this year to engage citizens on both the positive and negative effects that an increasing population has on their immediate circumstances.

As per statement issued by the department, commemoration of this day is important for all to understand and know the realities of the situation we find ourselves with regard to how our population size affects our daily lives, “It is very tough to handle and tackle the various negative effects of the population growth on a country as it requires more service delivery to be met for people who live in that particular country. It thus requires more focus and concentration on the welfare of the people rather than only on economic growth”.

MEC for Social Development, Ms Barbara Bartlett and HOD, Ms Hendrina Samson will be in Upington at the Toll Speelman Community Hall today to stimulate conversation around global population issues.

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