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Cream of the crop throws punches

The elite and youth men and women national boxing championship took place in Kimberley at the Jimmy Summers Hall sanctioned by the South African National Boxing Organisation (SANBO).

Amateur boxers from all nine provinces attended the boxing championships in Kimberley to show case their moves in the ring. The Championship was honoured by the Premier, Dr Zamani Saul and MEC for Arts and Culture, Berenice Sinxebe.

Zamani Saul welcomed the boxers by informing them that a child in sport is a child out of court.

“Our motto in the Northern Cape is that ‘A child in sport is a child out of court’. Sports unites people from different backgrounds and cultures which promotes social cohesion and social integration within the province”.

Dr Saul also encouraged organisers to bring and host their events in the Northern Cape to help create opportunities for young people in sports.

“We invite organizers to bring more events to the Northern Cape to help create opportunities for the youth in sports and to further help build our tourism industry and contribute to the economy of the Northern Cape”.

“The Northern Cape is lacking in boxing as there are not enough boxing clubs and its resources are expensive leading people to using their garages or churches as a place of training. Boxing standards is lacking in the Northern Cape compared to other provinces, bearing in mind that the Northern Cape is a vast province making it difficult for boxers to travel to where there may be clubs,” Commented Archie Jack, chairperson of the NCOBO.

Boxers from the Eastern Cape and their officials stormed into the ring to protest after one of their boxers lost a tightly contested fight against a boxer from Gauteng. The province is likely to be sanctioned by the organization.

Northern Cape Open Boxing Organization (NCOBO) is an affiliate of SANBO. Raymond Mothobi said his structure is proud to have hosted the first-ever combined youth and elite championships. He also wants to encourage more females to join the boxing sport.

Bradley Delpoort, owner of a boxing academy in Beaconsfield explained the age groups within the championship.

“The young boxers start from 14-18 years of age and the elite boxers are from age 19-40. Two of the Northern Cape female boxers fall under the elite group”.

Transport is deemed problematic, especially within the Northern Cape as the towns are scattered, making it difficult for the boxers to get to clubs nearby. Deputy President of NCOBO, Welcome Matiti says it would be great if the government could assist with starting a league within the province.

“Government is trying but it would be great if they could do more by assisting with starting a league for the province. This will give us a chance to spot the cream out of the crop which will compete with other provinces and help build their confidence. The more tournaments we have will lead to our boxers being confident in their skills and winning”.

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