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DA: NO to Nightly Water Cuts

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Northern Cape is opposing the nightly water cuts experienced by residents of Kimberley since late last year.

The opposition party’s Andrew Louw has appealed to “Sol Plaatje Municipality to better deal with the on-going water crisis in Kimberley by partially lowering the water pressure in the evenings as opposed to imposing nightly water cuts.” Louw insists that the dry pipes allow air into the system and cause compression of the air bubbles into high pressure points, which according to him is the root cause of the “chronic bursting of pipes in Kimberley.”

Many Kimberley residents have been complaining about unreasonably high water accounts in recent months. The DA believes that residents are being billed for air and not water consumption. The water cuts are negatively affecting the health facilities, CBD and are “impacting negatively on services and development” according to Louw.

He challenged the ANC’s Provincial Secretary, Deshi Ngxana, to consider their proposal in light of the ruling party looking for solutions. Louw said that his party is further calling on Sol Plaatje municipality to immediately deal with “the highly prejudicial water accounts that have been received by a number of city residents. The onus must be on the municipality to rectify these unrealistic water bills, and not on residents who are expected to coming begging for account reductions.”

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