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DA Ordered to Apologise

On Tuesday this week, the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) ruled against the Democratic Alliance (DA) and ordered it to apologise to political ally-turned-foe, Patricia de Lille. The IEC ruled the DA violated the Electoral Code of Conduct when it gave instructions to its campaign call centre operators, to tell people that the party was canvassing for votes that De Lille was fired as Cape Town Mayor.

The Democratic Alliance had asked the former Mayor to resign, which would have resulted in internal charges against her being revoked. De Lille, who has now formed her own political party, Good, and who will also be contesting in the upcoming elections was perplexed that her former colleagues would risk getting caught out in such an obvious lie. Whilst the Democratic Alliance is planning to take the ruling on review, the DA’s Mike Moriarty said they won’t back down: “We will definitely overturn the IEC’s ruling with this regard”.

The party is yet to indicate when it will approach the courts.

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