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DA Provincial Launch of Team One SA Campaign

National leader for the Democratic Alliance (DA) – Mmusi Maimane officially launched the provincial Team One SA Campaign in Roodepan this past weekend. His message was clear and concise – “Change that will build One SA for All.”

As leader of the party, Maimane reassured Northern Cape voters that it would be possible to replace the ruling party in 2019. “I want to assure you that the DA is in it to win it here in the Northern Cape. This is a province ready for change, and if we put in the effort over the next six months, we can bring the ANC below 50% here and replace them with an honest and accountable DA-led government – the government this province deserves.”

Maimane went on to say that voters should accept all opportunities that were handed to them during the campaigning period. “If the ANC comes here in the next six months with promises of EPWP jobs, or with food parcels, or with infrastructure projects and upgrades that only happen before elections, take them. Any job, any food, any investment in your community is good. Take it, but then go and vote for a party that will serve you all year, every year. You don’t owe anyone your vote.”

Maimane reiterated the urgency to address unemployment in the country. “Our biggest challenge in this country is to get people – and particularly young people – into jobs. In this province, a staggering 42% of adults cannot find work. This is an unacceptable statistic. If we can solve this, so much else will start falling into place.” He identified two elements in getting young people in the country employment.

“First, we must create these jobs by getting our economy growing through investment and enterprise. And second, we must ensure that these jobs are accessible to all South Africans, and not only to certain people with the right political affiliation or connections,” he concluded.

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