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Digital Marketing is a Business Growth Remedy


BLOEMFONTEIN – Businesses across the spectrum are in for a major online boom if only the necessary adjustments are made. That is according to a renowned digital marketing company, Luv4Marketing Central SA. Company spokesperson and online marketing specialist Ms Marie-Louise Smith said owing to the growth in online marketing, they have started to offer training and coaching to businesses who are looking to grow their team’s knowledge in the areas of digital and social media marketing. If business owners do not want to take on these responsibilities and still want the necessary results, they also offer do-it-for-you programs. It now appears that Facebook and Google bears the best digital space with Luv4Marketing exploiting its worthiness.

Luv4Marketing Marie Louise Smith
Luv4Marketing, Marie-Louise Smith. PHOTO SUPPLIED

“We have an Online Marketing Club Programme on both Facebook and Google. It includes own online account, dashboard where you get access to training material and videos. This will add value as we assist with the setup of your Facebook or Google marketing attempts step by step. In essence, we looking at Facebook and Google for a setup and game plan for your business as well as how to grow and engage with communities on this platform. Lastly, we will look at lead generation and monitoring through Facebook Advert Manager, Google Adwords as well as Google Analytics.” Ms Smith’s associate Mr Diederik van Niekerk added that they strive to help businesses grow online providing a range of services including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, lead generation, social media management, reputation management and website development.

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