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Ditiro, Founder of E-llumin8

Ditiro Rantloane is the CEO and founder of E-llumin8, which, with the help of software developers, they have produced an application that students can use to download textbooks in a more affordable manner. Instead of buying textbooks from book stores, students can now download chapters of the textbooks as per their academic needs.

Ditiro explained that he was one of the many students facing financial difficulty in University, who had no other choice but to adopt a part time job in order to get by. Studying at the University of Pretoria, Ditiro resorted to waiting tables at Roman’s Pizza to assist him in obtaining his degree. Having to do this after a long and hard day at school, made him understand the financial strain that students all over the country go through in order to attain their qualifications, “Textbooks can be very costly and unfortunately not everyone can afford them. The application that we have developed, E-llumin8, assists students as they can get a chapter of the textbook from as affordable as R12. The most expensive chapter is R47. Students can download the application on their digital devices and by registering on the app, they immediately receive a complementary chapter,” he explained.

There are currently 160 people registered on the app since it was launched on the 7th of May.

Ditiro was also a finalist for Mr South Africa and has obtained an honours degree in Information Sciences. He wants his app to change how students study nationally and has partnered with JUTA, one of South Africa’s providers of technology-enabled learning and information, on this venture.

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