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Don’t adult too hard – spending time outdoors is good for your health

When was the last time you spent a good couple of hours outside? Recreationally so, barefoot and soaking up the vitamins of the outside elements? Yes, you probably cannot remember. As children, running around outside, playing hide and seek and being forced to come back inside usually when the street lights came on was the order of the day for as many days as we could make it so. Fast forward a couple of years into 2018 and what are we doing now? Definitely not running outside, and it’s definitely not barefoot.

Most of us these days live a fast-paced, technology-packed lifestyle. Between work, the commute, taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning, watching television, connecting on social media, and more, we’re spending an average of 90 percent of our time indoors.

Besides the perks of what being barefoot actually does for us, just being outside is a means to increase your health and wellbeing.

Here are 10 reasons to motivate you to spend more time outside:

1- Indoor pollution is actually worse than outdoor pollution
You may think that your safe little home is much better for you than the big wide world, but it’s not so, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Studies have found that the concentration of some pollutants is often two-to-five times—and sometimes more than 100 times—higher indoors than outdoors.
2 – Your stress levels will go down
Taking a simple walk outside when you are stressed out does wonder for frustration and anxiety, common symptoms experienced when under immense pressure.
3 – It’s better for your eyes
You probably already know that all those hours staring at the screen are bad for your eyes. But scientists recently reported that particularly for children, too much time indoors can create irreversible changes in the eyes.
4 – It is the best way to get some vitamin D
Your body’s best source of vitamin D is the sun. Try to get at least 15 minutes of direct sun exposure on your skin every day.
5 – It will help you sleep
How well you sleep has a lot to do with hormones like melatonin and your own natural daily rhythm. Both of these are affected by your exposure to light—sunlight, most of all. If you’re spending too much time indoors, you’re isolated from the source of your body’s natural rhythms, and your sleep cycle is likely to suffer.
6 – It will get you moving
Studies have also found that those who run or bike outside exert more energy and burn more calories than those who use treadmills or stationary bikes. Other studies have found that people enjoy exercising outdoors more and are therefore to do it for longer—again, burning more calories.
7 – You’ll improve your attention and memory
Just a little fresh air and sunshine can help increase your attention span.
8 – You’ll have more energy
The go to when feeling fatigues is usually a strong cup of coffee. A better alternative to that caffeine which isn’t healthy for your body anyway, is fresh air and natures natural healing elements.
9 – You’ll feel happier
Time outside benefits your mental wellbeing, according to scientists. It naturally boosts levels of serotonin in the brain—the “feel good” neurotransmitter.
10 – You’ll boost your immune system

It is clear that nature is intended for our bodies to function better. Taking advantage of the natural elements that are amidst us Is one of the best ways we can improve our health and wellness.

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