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Don’t like drinking water? How’s about you eat it.

Drinking water doesn’t seem to be a favourite habit for most people. As important as it is, there are many who go about their days without consuming enough water. For every 30kg that you weigh, you need to drink one litre of water. So if you weigh 90kg, you need to get 3 litres of water in and an extra litre as a safety net. In the summer time, this is rather easy to achieve, in winter, it could be a near nightmare.

What we do not realise, is that there are many types of fruit and vegetables that have a high water percentage. Consuming these as edibles is another way to get your daily water percentage in. Now of course it is nowhere near the same water percentage as actually drinking water, but it is definitely worth a try and so much more delicious.

Foods that have high water percentages are:

  • Cucumber – 96% water
  • Spinach – 96% water
  • Lettuce – 96% water
  • Celery – 95% water
  • Tomatoes – 93% water
  • Watermelon – 92% water
  • Grapefruit – 91% water
  • Strawberries – 90% water
  • Oranges – 87 % water
  • Apples – 84 % water

As we age, our cells lose water. When we are born approximately 75% of our body is water but by the time we reach middle age, our body’s water content can be as low as 50%.

Without adequate water supply, skin cell structure deteriorates and leads to visible signs of ageing, this causes fine lines and wrinkles. Water in fruits and vegetables contain nutrients and structured water to nourish and hydrate your cells, which leaves you with  healthy glowing skin.

Because fruits and some vegetables have natural sugar, increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat will most likely reduce the amount of processed (bad) sugars that you consume. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great sugar replacement for other processed sugary eats, like sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks and even juice.

Cellular water is termed as such because the water content in fruits and vegetables is enclosed with molecules that help the entry of the water into the cells. When consuming cellular water, the water is absorbed at a slower speed than when drinking it, this gives you prolonged hydration. For this reason, eating your water is essential for ensuring that your body gets the crucial water nutrients in. Most foods contain some water but plant foods have more.

When you consume water through fruits and vegetables you also get, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and fibre. Cooking reduces the water content so eat your fruits and vegetables raw, whole, blended or juiced for best nutritional value.


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