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Exclusive Interview with EFF’s Shadrack Tlhaole

A video interview was held with the Economic Freedom Fighters’ provincial secretary Shadrack Thlaole, as he sets out their mission for their party in the upcoming elections.

My responsibility is exactly part of making sure that the day to day activities of the organisation are honoured but also making sure that we respond to the pride and interest of our people out there.

People were quite amazed during the last election when you got two percent of the vote during your first stand. What makes you confident that you will increase those numbers in the upcoming elections?

We are confident because of one thing; the people in South Africa. The people in the Northern Cape believe in the Economic Freedom Fighters. We are not into this thing to become number two, we want to be number one and there is nothing stopping the EFF from being number one. 

We have also observed that at most of the universities you have made a lot of inroads with the youth. Is your strategy mainly based around the youth? In the Northern Cape there is the perception that the coloured population would mainly vote for the DA. We have seen Patricia de Lille also coming to the province to contest for those same votes. Where would you say your strength lays in this province?

The Northern Cape as a province is a diverse province. You’ll be making a mistake if you want to focus on racial politics. To us as the EFF all people are our people. We belong to them. So we will not get entangled into politics of colour. We love anyone who is a resident of the Northern Cape. When you look at the higher institution of learning, the EFF is doing good and I think for the Northern Cape I am happy that I was one of the collectives that fought for the Northern Cape to be afforded a university.

In your manifesto you give a lot of emphasis on the land issue and jobs and to a large extent you have elaborated on different sectors as well as the labour minimum wage. Can you please share with us more specifically what plan you have for the Northern Cape as a Northern Cape leader?

As the Northern Cape we are working as a collective, it is not about an individual. This is why we are so confident that we are going to change the lives of our people. We advocate for land because we believe that those who fought for the liberation of the people of SA and who gave us the democracy we celebrate today believed that the land belongs to us all. The land is a very sensitive issue that is why we, as the EFF treats the land issue with sensitivity.

Are you convinced that we have the required skills in the province to access the funds and to develop the farms? Share with us what your plans are for education. If you were to be elected into power what would you do differently as far as education is concerned?

In terms of education you don’t focus on the end product. If you started early you are in a position to identify the strength of the child and make sure that you groom the child accordingly. We are not investing in terms of education in the Northern Cape. We want an inclusive country in South Africa.

What do you think are the obstacles to you achieving your goals in your manifesto especially as far as assisting your previously disadvantaged groups are concerned? We have learned in the past few weeks that institutions like FNB are imposing greater interest rates on the previously disadvantaged than in it does on our white folk in this country. Can you please share with us how you hope to turn that situation around?

We must do decisively away with racism in South Africa. That racism has now been institutionalised. If we can attend to racism, what happened with the FNB is that those who are in charge of the economy of this country are not willing. We must establish a state owned bank. Through having a state owned bank we will be able to establish an opportunity where whenever you establish a business you’ll get the funding based on the business proposal that you have presented.

You were very vocal about nepotism. We learned that you had a meeting recently with Mr Motsepe. Are you in the position to share with us how the meeting went and find some common ground with him?

We are not friends with Motsepe. He is a black businessman and that is what we respect. We don’t only have Motsepe in South Africa we have many South Africans who are also businessmen and successful ones at that. He has been assisted by government he is not a self-made billionaire. Let’s get government to give us something new and then we groom that person to become much better than Motsepe. Once you bring his business closer to the government we link that with corruption we link that with nepotism.

How will you decisively tackle this scorch of corruption?

The ANC is promoting corruption. I am not taking the ANC very seriously. The ANC is a self-hate organisation. The ANC is losing power and we are going to make sure that they drop. When we come into government we give all people a better service delivery. We raise pertinent issues that the affect bread and butter of our people on a daily basis.

VBS and Floyd Shivambu what is your view on that?

Why should I have a view about that? We don’t have anywhere where we have signed an agreement with VBS so why should we speak about VBS? We have explained enough and we think that people are just trying their luck. There is nothing linking VBS to the EFF. It was a product that could have been saved. We believe that our people will never suffer, we are a proper government in waiting.

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