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EXCLUSIVE: Massive Waterfront Project to Boost Barkly West

The Northern Cape Province is one which possesses enormous potential but yet, it has been many years since any district in the Northern Cape bore witness to a major retail and property development project. The small but vibrant town of Barkly West is set to change this and renew the faith of the local residents.

Situated within the Dikgatlong Municipality, Barkly West has been earmarked for a multifaceted development project with the potential to bolster the local economy and provide much needed jobs for its residents.

Promethean Group, a local investment company, in conjunction with SIZA Architects & Project Managers, has teamed up as the investing developers of the project. Promethean Group has overseen numerous projects within the province and possesses a team with vast experience surrounding the developmental needs of the local communities. Together with SIZA Architects & Project Managers, who are a 100% black, youth owned entity with an experienced and highly qualified team, the partnership is one which ticks all the boxes for a successful development.

The site location is one which many locals would remember as the old Barkly West Resort. It is geographically located on the R31 road just below and around the bridge preceding Barkly West. Due to a lack of maintenance, the resort has become somewhat obsolete and dilapidated. Developers are of the opinion that a revival of this resort will breathe new life into the river and into the broader Dikgatlong region.

The developers have identified the location as the prime site for this type of development. Through a lengthy vetting process, they have concluded that the site is “strategically placed” in terms of its position on the river; the proximity to Kimberley and other towns; and due to the ideal land elevations and escarpments.

The project will contain multiple facets of operation, boasting development across the recreational, retail, and residential spheres.

For the entertainment seekers out there, the development proposes a waterpark with pools and water slides to break away from the summer heat, as well as an entertainment park and stage for outdoor entertainment and music festivals.

Locals who are just looking for a peaceful breakaway will be accommodated by chalets and restaurants on the water’s edge. The development will also comprise of a shopping mall & lifestyle centre.

Property development has been determined as a major economic generator, hence the proposed concept will flaunt “gap housing” for middle income earners as well as a residential estate for high level investors.

Due to the lack of a fully-fledged and inclusively accommodating conference centre in the Province, the developers have decided to propose a hotel which will boast a conference centre capable of hosting high-level gatherings.
The developers have conducted numerous “road shows” to gauge the reception of the project from the locals and the feedback has been primarily optimistic. Residents have welcomed the project as one which will usher in a vitality which has been lacking for years. The employment rate and local economy will be hugely strengthened as developers foresee no less than 5000 jobs being created.

Solomon Star spoke to some of the residents and they were unanimous in their support of the project. “We desperately need this project, most of us rely on social grants for an income. At least there’s hope for our children, said Mr. Jakobus a local resident. A business owner said “I will be able to expand my business and even create more jobs with the tourists that will come to Barkley West.” “I have studied marketing and understand that some national retail stores will open in the proposed mall. Hopefully I will be able to get a job and support my parents,” said Ricardo, an unemployed youth.

Over and above the immediate local impact, it is safe to say that a development of this nature and magnitude is likely to attract consumers and visitors from all over the country to this beautiful province.

The project is however subject to the local council’s approval as the authority responsible for local economic development. The developers have proposed some options for council’s consideration including signing a multi-year lease for the land thereby ensuring the municipality benefits perpetually.

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