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Exercise Hacks for the Lazy

Here is an important but unfortunate fact – about half of those who start a new exercise routine abandon it within three to six months. Why? It’s simple. People are lazy. People are less inclined to seek activities that will leave them exhausted, most of them prefer participating in calming activities that involve little to no strain. Down time is good and the body most certainly needs rest, but, the body also really needs exercise and good nutrition!

Considering that it is majority people that fit the “lazy” category, this week we’ll look at some habits that people who don’t enjoy putting in much effort can do to get the minimal amount of exercise accomplished by not even leaving their homes. Here are six home fitness hacks to help:

1. When getting out of bed in the morning, the process of lifting your torso to get your feet on the floor is an abdominal contraction. Repeat this at least ten – fifteen times every morning. (Basically, lie down and get up to get out of bed fifteen times)
2. When brushing your teeth every morning, do a series of calve raises. This will involve standing flat on the ground with your feet and raising them until you’re on your toes. Repeat this movement going faster and slowing down. You can change it up by holding the raised calf position for about 30-45seconds as well.
3. Before heading into the shower or bath, slip your feet under your bed and reach up to touch your mattress with your hands. Repeat that movement 15 – 20 times every morning and/or night
4. Wear heels to work and slow down the process of your bum reaching your seat when sitting down. (You will thank your tight and toned glutes later)
5. Take a ball, netball, basketball or medicine ball and throw it against the wall with your hands above your head. Do this 20 times, and three times over.
6. Play with your dogs. Take them for a walk, or better yet, a light run. You will get some great outdoor fresh air, increase your heart rate and spend some quality time with your dogs.

Making the decision to start exercising (even minimally) and eating a better diet is entirely dependent on you. You are either going to do it or you aren’t. While making that decision, here is something for you to think about: If you think wellness is expensive, try illness.

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