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Fastest Growing Domestic Airport

The Kimberley airport has made it as one of the three fastest growing domestic airports in the country, followed by George and Lanseria.
The Northern Cape and Kimberley remain an important business destination thanks to its mining and agriculture sectors. The area is also growing as a result of its renewable energy initiatives with a great number of solar plants developed over the past few years.
Kimberley Airport and Upington International Airport were voted in 2019 as the best airports in Africa by size and region, in the under 2 million passengers category.
Lanseria is steadily gaining ground as the third fastest growing domestic airport. This growth is not likely to slow down as the airport has announced it is aiming to double its passenger numbers to more than 4 million within the next six years.
George has become increasingly popular as a business and investment destination thanks to its ideal location and low crime rate.

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