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Female farmers to be celebrated in August

The Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development selection panel has concluded its search for the provinces’ top female farmers. The Department established the annual Female Entrepreneur Awards (FEA) in 1999, to reward the tireless efforts and contributions of women, young women and women living with disabilities in the agricultural sector.

The Female Entrepreneur Awards are aimed at recognizing the countless efforts of women through the agricultural sector, in the alleviation of poverty through food security, job creation, economic growth and poverty alleviation. Departmental spokesperson, Phemelo Manankong, says this year the Department received less entries compared to previous years due to the tougher competition rules, especially in categories like Smallholder, Processing, Export and Commercial. ” Factors that disqualified certain contestants included; Lack of an entity registration certificate, the failure to add value to the communities and the inability to adhere to standards and regulations among other things,” said Manankong.

Manankong further praised the awards for not only recognizing the efforts of women in agriculture, but also affording them the platform to make a name for themselves in the industry. “The department wants to encourage, women, youth and women with disabilities to participate in the male-dominated industry and grow from subsistence farmers to commercial farmers. We want to see these women flying through the different categories they have ventured into,” he concluded.

The conclusion by the selection panel paves a way for the Department’s top class gala event which is expected to take place on the 08 August 2018. The Department will disclose the amount of prizes towards the run up of the awards ceremony.

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