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Five Tips to Get You Into the Right Career

Finishing Grade 12? Don’t know what career to follow? You are not alone.

Sol Plaatje University lecturer and trained psychologist Caroline Hoorn says that many students do not fully know what careers they want to pursue once they have completed school.

She says that the reasons vary and range from the environments and communities in which students grow up, how much exposure students may have had to different careers and how much encouragement they might have received to further their studies.

Our career dialogues creates a space for those who want to explore a variety of career options which may be appealing to a student.”

So how do you get to understanding “what you are born to do”?

1. Understand your personal vision or goal. Think beyond your qualification. The qualification is just one tool that will help you to obtain your personal goal.

2. Know how to package yourself. What conversations are you having – anything and everything you are busy with should align with your personal goal or vision.

3. If you want to become an entrepreneur, apart from your qualification, what other skills do you need? What other qualifications do you need? Spend time with entrepreneurs. Ask for advice. Spend time in the businesses. This will give you a huge advantage. Take the same approach with other careers.

4. Line yourself up with organisations or networks in your field of interest. In the case of black students, there is more pressure because we understand that whatever we achieve is not for ourselves only. We have a responsibility to give back at home.

5. Think of other ways to research possible careers. Don’t be afraid to develop your own roadmap for navigating your way to the career that you were born to do. While it is important to take note of the advice that our families, friends and communities give, remember you live only once and you are going to be spend a lot of your time at work. Own it and do it well.

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