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Ghost Trails to Give you Goosebumps


KIMBERLEY – It is no secret that things do go bump in the night in the eerie corners of the Diamond City. Rumour has it, that Kimberley is home to 158 if not more, paranormal apparitions making it the most haunted city in the country. Shivering facts and fallacies about ghostly sightings are packed into a fun and entertaining guided ghost trail by the Edgeventure Club Tours and historian Steve Lunderstedt. Marketing Liaison Officer for Edgeventure Club Tours Janey VIljoen rejoiced that the Ghost Trail is not aimed at scaring your pants off… No, it is an educational experience that should broaden your horizons of knowledge about Kimberley’s rich history. “Steve Lunderstedt is a great tour guide and really knows how to encourage everyone to live in that specific moment in history,” Viljoen added.


On the Kimberley Ghost trail you will visit the spookiest corners of the city said to be haunted by restless spirits. The tour begins at the Honoured Dead Memorial designed by Sir Herbert Baker where 27 soldiers killed during the siege of Kimberley between 1899 and 1900 are rumoured to be entombed. From the memorial participants proceed to the mining houses of Kimberley’s elite, Dunlace house and the Rudd house. Rudd House specifically stands out during the tour as it is said to be the second most haunted house in Kimberley with a total of eight ghostly apparitions. Lunderstedt confirmed that “you are guaranteed a sighting of orbs of light when you walk through the house and take photographs.” The last stop on the tour is in the Gladstone Cemetery where participants visit the grave of Walter JC Fletcher, the first British Officer to die in the Anglo-Boer War.

Past participants have claimed that they have encountered his ghost at his grave in the cemetery. Alternative Ghost Trails will be made available throughout the year for those looking to learn and get a real adrenaline rush.

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