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Homevale men’s hockey donates for Mandela Day

As winter creeps up, why not care for the needy living in the cold and freezing conditions in your community? The Homevale Men’s Hockey Club, as part of its social responsibility programme held a benefit braai on 13 July 2019.

The club partnered with Towell & Groenewald Attorneys and the proceeds went towards purchasing blankets for the poor and needy. A number of elderly people from Homevale and surrounding areas were identified as recipients of the blankets. In embracing Nelson Mandela Day, the club formed part of Homevale Primary School’s festivities which included learners engaging in items depicting the great struggle icon.

The Chairman of the club, Nico Snyders said, “We wanted to express our gratitude towards the elderly for their contribution to our lives and to show them that we still remember them and do care for them. The club will also, in line with outcomes 9 of our strategic plan, have a distinctive focus on youth development and try to address the social ills that we are experiencing in our communities. We will continuously plough back into our communities throughout the year and beyond”.

The goal is to extend the community upliftment programme into other areas of Kimberley. Many people embraced the club’s efforts and received donations from as far as Zambia over and above the locals who generously contributed and supported this initiative.

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