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Huawei’s Hongmeng OS close to breaking cover

Tech giant Huawei is in the limelight once again, but this time with a more positive spin on things. US President, Donald Trump surprised everyone by placing a trade ban on Huawei which would essentially prohibit the company from utilizing US companies for the supply and manufacturing of its chipsets. A ban of this nature could have potentially costed Huawei billions of dollars in sales and despite a substantial decline in sales outside China, the company still reported growth by nearly a quarter in relation to the 2018 revenue.

It does however seem that Huawei are now gearing up to combat and counter future scares with multiple reports claiming the launch of a Huawei developed operating system called Hongmeng OS. The Hongmeng OS will be an equivalent of the more popular Android OS but it is unclear if Hongmeng will be launched as a direct competitor, a stepping stone towards becoming one, or merely the introduction of a partnership OS which advocates piggybacking.

“If the US government allows us to use Android, we will use Android. But if the US doesn’t allow us, then we will turn to alternatives. As for how ready our OS is, you’ll just have to see with your own eyes,” said Huawei chairman Liang Hua.

The first phone to use the Hongmeng OS is rumoured to arrive later this year. The phone will not be a flagship device, but rather a mid-range phone priced under R5000. Reports also claim that the mystery phone will debut juxtaposed to the Mate 30 Pro.

For now, we can only speculate on the intention and vision Huawei exercises. One thing has been proved certain; Huawei is an unstoppable industry titan with the wind beneath its wings!

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