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Kimberley Correctional centre feeds the hungry and clothes the elderly

The Kimberley Correctional services embarked on the beginning of their three project based initiative in commemoration of Nelson Mandela. The officials from Correctional Services started by feeding soup and bread to those less fortunate at the Riviera Spar Centre, followed by the same good deed at the Rhodesdene Pick n Pay Centre. They ended their 67 minutes of Mandela Day activities at the Kimberly Technical High School, where they fed more less fortunate citizens.  Mzwandile Charlie, a recipient of this initiative said was happy to receive a meal for the day, “I am grateful that they have decided to help people such as myself as I did not even know where I would find a meal today. I am unemployed and staying on the streets, so every day is a struggle for me, at least I am full now and the soup came in very handy as it is extremely cold today”.

The Human Resource Divisional Head for the Kimberley Correctional Services Centre explained, “We decided to partake in the 67 minutes for Mandela as he was an inspiration to everyone and it is always a good thing to give to those that are less fortunate”.

The second project was hosted at the Ons Huis old age home where the Correctional Services Officials handout clothes and toiletries to the aged. The last leg of their project will be at the Ritchie Old Age home where they will be doing the same on the 31st of July.

This initiative was sponsored by the Correctional Services Officials.

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