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Lohatla – Another Soldier Dies in the SANDF

Lohatla – a training area of the South African Defence Force, located in the Northern Cape, is home to many soldiers including the SA Army Combat Training Centre which is part of the South African Army training formation. Founded on the 15th of January 1978, while apartheid was still at its peak, it originated from the need for a defence force training facility where soldiers could achieve a conventional and integrated training level.

During the weekend of the 15th of March, a quarrel arose between two members of the Military Reserve Force. Privates Jansen, who is originally from Kakamas in the Northern Cape, and who already has a record for assault to his name, had an argument about a TV in the recreation room in Lohatla. According to sources, the argument gravely upset Jansen. Jonkers then went to his room retracting from the argument.

Jansen was not satisfied with the outcome of their argument. He left the recreation room and went to Jonkers room where he stabbed Jonkers in the neck. The unfortunate stabbing killed Jonkers.

The Solomonstar reached out to the Lohatla communication department without any success. The SANDF officers preferred not to comment.

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