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Maimane Addresses DA Manifesto Launch

“If ever there was a province crying out for a new government, it is this great province – the Northern Cape” Mmusi Maimane the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) national leader, said on Saturday.

Maimane addressed a huge crowd of DA members and supporters at the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre. He told the gathering that the ANC government has run the province “into the ground” due to greed. Maimane stated that according to polls, his party and the ANC are currently at the same levels of support in the Northern Cape.

He indicated that the Western Cape leads all other provinces in all measurable criteria. This, he attributes to the DA’s style of governing, even though it started governing in 2009 as a coalition government. He told the crowd that the party’s premier candidate, Andrew Louw, has proven his commitment on many occasions and does not mind getting his hands dirty.

The crowd responded with roaring applause when Maimane lambasted Premier Lucas and erstwhile ANC Provincial Chairperson, John Block. He told the crowd that when the DA is governing the province, the provision of basic services will be become stable, the economy will grow and investors will see a future, and the province will become a place of opportunity. “The ANC knows it is sliding backwards and they know the DA has the momentum”, Maimane said as the crowd responded in approval.

The DA has identified the provinces of Gauteng and the Northern Cape as targets for a DA led government, whether through coalitions or an outright majority. However, recent polls have indicated that with Ramaphosa at the helm, the ANC will not experience a decrease in support.

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