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Market at Flamingo, the 10th edition

With the 10th edition of the much anticipated, Market at Flamingo coming up on the 29th September, there is much to be expected from one of the city’s most creative scenes. It has taken hard work, resilience and a continued commitment to the development of the local economy through the platform created by the Market for young black entrepreneurs to showcase their products, services and talents.

With only 5 days to go, the Market team is fervently getting ready to deliver only the best market that Kimberley has seen. CEO, Mkokheli Pino expresses great pride and appreciation for how far the market has come over the years. “From the onset I think it would be remise of me not to commend each and every person that has participated, contributed and supported this initiative in any way, sort or form. I highly doubt that anything can occur ten times by chance. Having said that, ultimately, the success of the market is and will be dependent on how much confidence it has inspired in young people, how much pride it has instilled and how many dreams have been realised. This notwithstanding, the abundance of fun, art, and creativity. I can only hope that we can remain committed and more ambitious in this agenda of youth entrepreneurship.”

It has been 4 years since the birth of the market as an idea. A young group of like – minded individuals decided that they want to make a difference in the way that young black entrepreneurs are experienced in the city. Thus, they set out with the Market at McGregor, which went on to become the Market at the Arms and eventually the Market at Flamingo.

“We had recognised the number of young, talented people who were forced to leave Kimberley or abandon their ambitions primarily because of the prevailing material conditions in the city. We were also acutely aware of the potential of the creative arts and entrepreneurship as a means to improve the living conditions of young people in particular in our province. Having realised that, we accepted the responsibility and we initiated these markets as a response to the problem we were faced with,” Pino added.

Boasting over 25 stalls ranging from food, fashion, arts and craft, the Market is set on developing as many young entrepreneurs as possible.

The artist line up is also something to greatly look forward to for the 10th Market celebration. With a 100% focus on local artists, the Market will be show casing artists with the likes of K9 Star, Lesego Louw, a Marimba Band and award winning cultural group, Amandla Dance Teatro to name just a few.

Progressive spaces by progressive youth in Kimberley is something we are sincerely lacking. The Market aims to encourage city locals to support each other’s business ventures by participating in the economic exchange that takes place through buying and selling on the day while having a good social time as well. As much as the market seeks to give creative entrepreneurs an opportunity to express their creative freedom, it also gives the market attendees an opportunity to express their creative fashion freedoms. “Over the past 9 markets, we have noticed a trend in the fashion aesthetic present at the market. People attending have started to use the market as a platform for them to express their creativity in what they wear.

The market is an open safe space where all sorts of creative expressions is greatly welcomed. We are pleased that our attendees have caught on to that. They have shown us their unique styles and aesthetic tastes in the way that they dress coming to the market. That is something we hope will never change,” Pino concluded.

Be sure to get your experience of the Market at Flamingo by getting your ticket at the Flamingo Casino on or before the 29th of September.

Market at McGregor 10th Edition

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