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Mayibuye Uprising Drama Festival – A Big Hit

The Mayibuye Uprising Drama Festival was held on Saturday, 9 March 2019. The festival is an art in schools project which focuses on youth involvement in the arts. It promotes the love for theatre and performing arts, while creating an individual sense of self-esteem, pride and achievement. This platform was used to showcase the talent of high school learners in the province.

Local producer of the festival, Mpho Mookapilo, explained that the significance of the festival was to revive and reintroduce the culture of theatre and creative arts and to also assist the youth in being more informed about the Northern Cape Provinces’ contribution to the liberation struggle as well as the roots and history of black people. “With this festival our agenda was to impart a sense of self pride and to teach school learners about the spirit of Ubuntu and forgiveness, we also set to transfer skills by establishing drama groups in schools and in our communities,” Mookapilo explained.

Local artists came together in support of the festival by assisting involved youth with research and writing a play centered on the Mayibuye Uprising. Learners were taught how to act the story and prepare a play that was performed at the festival. The day was filled with fun activities including a march from the Mayibuye precinct to the Mayibuye Multipurpose Centre.

Seasoned actors and theatre practitioners, Thulani Didi and Kere Nyawo, best known as Popeye and Spinach from Zone 14 on SABC, who started their acting careers in community theatres availed themselves to form part of the two day workshop for all the selected field workers. The aim of the workshop was to equip the mentors with more knowledge-based ways to work with school learners during the mentoring weeks.

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