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Members of Legislature Sworn in

Members of the legislature were sworn in at Mittah Sepherephere convention center by Judge President of the Northern Cape, Judge Pule Tlaletsi.

As each member of the ANC was sworn in, the gallery erupted into cheers, prompting Tlaletsi to state: “This is a very solemn occasion, not a graduation”.

The loudest cheer on the day, however, belonged to former Sol Plaatje Municipality Executive Mayor, Mangaliso Matika. The crowd were on their feet, singing and cheering as he was first sworn in as a MPL and then as Deputy Speaker. Newrene Klaaste was sworn in as Speaker.

The biggest boo came when the leader of the official opposition, Andrew Louw was sworn in. He was happy about the hand Dr Zamani Saul extended to all the parties.

As Tlaletsi made his way through the opposition parties, there was a bit of a pause as EFF’s Shadrack Thlaole, refused to take the oath in English, stating that it is not his mother’s tongue.

“I think it is important to remind the state legislature that South Africa has eleven official languages and that not everyone hears or understands English”.

He also complimented the ruling party on wanting to work together with all the parties present at the legislature.
“We are glad that the ANC is starting to follow up on what the EFF has prescribed, this will allow the media and other stakeholders to see what our people are going through”.

Once he had been sworn in and made his way back to his seat, Thlaole removed his red helmet and placed it on Saul’s head.

The veterans were well represented and Saul thanked them in his inauguration speech. “My deepest gratitude goes to the ANC volunteers and the glorious veterans of our movement. The veterans should continue to guide us at all times and serve as the living conscious and embodiment of the pristine revolutionary values that defined the character of our struggle against apartheid colonialism”.

Saul will be officially inaugurated on May 28 in Lerato Park.

Shadrack Thlaole, EFF Secretary of the Northern Cape seen signing his oath
FROM LEFT: Former Kimberley mayor Mangaliso Matika with Deputy Speaker Maruping Lekwene
Newly elected premier, Dr. Zamani Saul seen with Newrene Klaaste and Mangaliso Matika
Newly elected premier, Dr. Zamani Saul seen during signing ceremony

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