For The People


This American romantic Comedy was released on the 22nd of February 2019, and was directed by Adam Shankman. Taraji P. Henson plays a successful sports agent for an agency as Ali Davis, but is faced with challenges of working in a male dominated industry and being blocked out of promotion to become partner in the company.

One day she drinks a suspicious tea from a shamanic woman and discovers that she can suddenly hear men’s thoughts. She decides to use this new ability to out stage her male colleagues as they compete to sign up a new star (Jamal Barry) in Basketball.

She meets Will (Aldis Hodge) in a night club and ends up spending the night with him, hurriedly leaving in the morning she leaves her driver’s license behind, this makes Will pitch up at her work place and that is when she pretends that she is married to Will after hearing the potential client’s thoughts, which say that he does not trust women who do not have families. The role of the client is played by Tracey Morgan. Will is completely unaware of this fact. She then invites Will and his son to watch basketball with her potential client. Will is completely unaware that he is married to her, he accepts the invitation excited to be in the company of the superstar.

When will finds out the truth, he is understandably angry with her and wants nothing to do with Ali. When she eventually lands the promotion of partners, a twist of event takes place towards the end of the film as she declines the one thing that she wanted for a long time, which was to make partner. She finds her courage, strength and realises her potential and quits the firm to open up her own agency. Her and Will eventually make amends and a beautiful love affair emerges from the story. This is an appeasing, funny movie that one can just relax and laugh to after a long day. The romcom gets a grand 10/10 rating.

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