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NC ANC List Lacks Women and Youth

The outcome of the African National Congress’ (ANC) Provincial List Conference held in Upington over the weekend seems to be non-compliant with the National Executive Committee’s (NEC) guidelines.  At its media briefing this morning, the governing party in the province indicated that the List Conference went ahead without any hiccups and the wishes of ANC branches prevailed at the end of the day. The list conference considered the province to province as well as the province to national lists. Aspirant public representatives who have ambitions to represent the ANC in the national and provincial legislatures must first ensure that they make it on either of the lists to have any chance of becoming a Member of Parliament (MP) or Member of the Provincial Legislature (MPL).

The party’s provincial secretary Deshi Ngxanga  said that  the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) will today consider the amendment of the list in so far as prioritisation is concerned , i.e. re-arranging the names to ensure that  they comply with the NEC guidelines.

The guidelines of the NEC make provision for not less than 50% of the nominees to be women. For the first time the ANC’s policy also makes provision for the younger generation’s inclusion  by ensuring that every 5th name on the list ( or 20%) is that of a person under 35 years of age. The compilation of the final list is complicated further when considering that attention must also be given to continuity, skills, geographical spread and race (national question).

According to Ngxanga the outcome of the weekend’s process has resulted in the over representation of a certain region, which must now be corrected by the PEC which will be held later today. Ngxanga furthermore highlighted that the guidelines provided for political intervention by the PEC to comply with all the requirements of the NEC.  This political intervention according to Ngxanga will be preceded by engagements with the Women’s League, Youth League and the ANC’s Alliance partners.

“The PEC has the right in terms of the guidelines to introduce 10% of fresh names which in terms of province to province mean we can introduce 3 new names that were never nominated through the Branch General Meeting (BGM) process” Ngxanga stated. This provision can be used by the PEC to comply with the guidelines if the names on the list do not meet all the criteria as required by the NEC.

Dr. Zamani Saul has maintained the top position on the list placing him as the main contender for the position of the premier of the province if the ANC manages to cross the line first in the May 2019 polls. It appears that some members of the current EXCO and MPL’s do not have the support of ANC branches. Premier Lucas, MEC Mbingo-Gigaba and MEC Sokatsha are among the current EXCO members who have not made the list.

Nxganga stated that any change on the list must get the support of 80% of the PEC members according to the NEC guidelines. This implies that 28 out of the 35 members of the PEC must agree in order to change the list that represents the outcome of the Provincial List Conference and Branch General Meetings.

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