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NC ANC Ready for the Elections

The African National Congress and its alliance partners in the Northern Cape have sent a clear signal that it’s ready to deliver an overwhelming victory for the ANC.

At a media briefing held on Sunday they indicated that the 20 000 volunteers they deployed across the province have ensured that they reach all parts of the province. The South African Communist Party (SACP) and workers’ federation COSATU have also committed human and other resources to the ANC’s election campaign.

The ANC’s Provincial Secretary, Deshi Ngxanga, confidently stated that the governing party will increase its support in the province and re-emphasised their commitment to growing the economy, creating more decent jobs and fighting the plague of corruption. Ngxanga indicated that they have trained over 3000 party agents at the 709 voting stations spread across the 204 wards in the province.

“We have always maintained that the opposition in the Northern Cape is in total disarray and have no campaign on the ground, they have no concrete plans on how to grow the Northern Cape. This weekend we welcomed once again, three members of the Democratic Alliance to the fold of the ANC,” Ngxanga stated. He continued that the three DA members were senior leaders referring to Safiyah Stanfley, Ismail Obaray and Melinda Hattingh, who resigned from the DA and joined the ANC. “Those who have decided to join the ANC have done so because of their belief in the vision of a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa that provides services to all. Our Manifesto calls on all South Africans, black and white, to contribute to growing South Africa,” said Nxganga.

Norman Shushu, the Provincial Secretary of the SACP said as a response from a question from the Solomon Star that they will be embarking on random visits to workplaces to ensure that employers do not prevent employees from exercising their democratic right to vote. His sentiments were echoed by COSATU Provincial Secretary, Orapeleng Moraladi, who pointed out that his organisation has already submitted the names of employers that they believe will be problematic, to the IEC.

According to Ngxanga, the ANC’s Provincial Officials have intervened at the Sol Plaatje Municipality regarding the R260,00. Apparently the notorious amount was “smuggled” into the budget. Ngxanga stated that heads will roll if the amount is not removed, because the people of Kimberley have rejected the amount.

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