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NCGMA Nominations Celebration

The Northern Cape Gospel Music Awards (NCGMA) is bound to be a show stopper event come 2 February 2019 as the best Gospel talents in the Northern Cape set the stage alight. The nomination announcement ceremony was held at the Northern Cape Theatre on Wednesday which set the tone for the main event in the New Year.

Already held in other provinces in the Country, it will be the first time the Northern Cape hosts an event of this accord, “We came to realise that there is no recognition for Gospel artists in the Northern Cape. Many people make it once they leave the Northern Cape and we want to change that narrative so that people do not have to leave the city in order to sparkle. This is the Diamond City, we need to sparkle right here,” explained an enthusiastic Zanaib Vukaya, Spiritual Eye of the NCGMA.

Bragging 17 different award categories, NCGMA received a total of 85 nominations for the categories in total. Nominations were strict and requirements had to be met in order to be nominated.

Vukaya explained the importance of artists being registered with the relevant music authorities and having legal ownership of their work as one of the most important requirements that nominees had to be fulfil, “A few nominees were disqualified due to not meeting the registration criteria. Artists need to be registered and they also need to register their music. This is so that they realise the importance of taking ownership of their crafts so that they can professionally and legally make a living out of it. We will be educating artists on important topics like these through educational and developmental workshops that we will be hosting.”

Scoring 7 nominations, one of the most prominent names in the Gospel Music nominations was Mkhululi Jacobs, whose name, to the audience’s delight, was a frequent. Great support has been shown by the Northern Cape Council of Arts and Culture which is the organisation in charge of running the Northern Cape Theatre.

CEO, Charles Moema, emphasised his commitment to this venture and ensured his partnership to the programme, “While we may not have many resources at our disposal, we are committed to showing our support in as many ways as we can. I have seen the Hard work, sweat and dedication that has gone into making this project a success.”

Ford Kimberley is the main vehicle sponsor for the project while local designer, Nkosinathi Yaso is also on board to ensure the stylishness with regard to the dress code for the main event (Royalty with a touch of elegance) is achieved. The voting for the nominees opens in two weeks’ time and will be running for a period of two months. Winners on the day of the main event will receive the official NCGMA trophy along with allocated cash prizes.

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