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New projects launched in Dawid Kruiper

Paving for Askham – A sod turning ceremony was recently held for a paving project in Askham, which is in ward 11 of the Dawid Kruiper Municipality. The members of the Mayoral Committee of the municipality officiated over the sod turning.

A total of 800 meters of streets will be paved in the residential area of Askham. An amount of R3.8m was funded by the Municipal Infrastructure grant (MIG) for the project. Local contractors and local labour from Askham will be used.
Loubos gets paving project – A sod turning ceremony was recently held in Loubos, Ward 16 of the Dawid Kruiper Municipality.Loubos forms part of the former Mier Municipal area.

The former Mier and //Khara Hais Municipalities were merged in 2016 to form Dawid Kruiper Municipality. The sod turning for the Loubos paving project was officiated by the members of the Mayoral committee.
A total of 600 meters of the streets of Loubos will be paved. The costs of the project amounts to approximately R3m and is funded from the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG). The appointerd contractor is Nite Projects. Local subcontractors and local labour will be used in the project. The paving will be completed on by the end of August 2018.

Cleaning of Paballelo – The Dawid Kruiper municipality also cleaned the streets of Paballelo The municipality is making a clarion call on all the residents to keep their areas clean. The municipality consist of 16 wards and it launched a community clean up awareness programme recently.

The community clean up programme also involves of information sessions. During the information sessions the communities are informed of the dangers of littering. Littering is a health hazard and it can also cause harm to the children who sometimes play in the litter.

The Executive Mayor of Dawid Kruiper makes constant calls to the communities not to litter and to report incidents of littering to the municipality.

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