For The People

No Nonsense Strategy

Should the ANC win the May 8 elections, President Cyril Ramaphosa will not tolerate excuses from the future cabinet ministers.

Speaking at an ANC event on Thursday night, he warned of taking a ‘no nonsense’ approach towards the next administration.

“We have done all the policy prescripts. We have policies from here to Cairo. As president, I no longer want to hear excuses from ministers. Right now, we must do the work. I would also like our premiers at provincial level to not accept excuses. No more excuses. We must just implement because our people deserve the best,” Ramaphosa stated.

Ramaphosa was confident of a decisive ANC victory at this Wednesday’s polls. He told the audience that he sleeps comfortably because he is confident of his party succeeding. “South Africans see the elections as a decisive moment for the country’s future,” he said.

“It is that Thuma Mina spirit that our people have embraced”.

He said the party was now equal to the task of addressing inequality and unemployment. Ramaphosa said the government is working towards an inclusive economy, one which will benefit all South Africans.

He said R300billion worth of investment into South Africa in the recent past, was a massive boom to the economy.
“That money is coming home to roost. We are beginning to see those companies that stood up and made a pledge. They are now bringing that money to South Africa. The money is flowing in,” he said.

“A global vehicle manufacturer which employs 400 people and an additional 600 in related businesses in South Africa, was an example of this pledge,” Ramaphosa explained.

“After May 8 when the ANC achieves a decisive victory, confidence is going to start rising and it will start to rise in our own hearts. As confidence rises, more and more investments will come. This investment will focus on the township, rural, agricultural, ocean, and textile economies, ” said Ramaphosa.

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