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Northern Cape Department calls for stance against woman and child abuse

The Northern Cape Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison has urged members of the public to break their silence and take a stance against the senseless violence inflicted on women and children. The recent spate of attacks against women and children has reached staggering heights and has become a cause for concern. The department says the community needs to aggressively fight the scourge by actively supporting victims and reporting violent acts committed against women and children.

Departmental spokesperson Keitumetse Moticoe says rates of abuse have reached an alarming rate and action needs to be taken to curb the epidemic. ” It is a concern that violence and abuse against vulnerable members of society continues to occur. One too many incidents of abuse and abuse related deaths are being reported and we need to end this rife cycle on violence and abuse in our communities. We cannot do it alone but we need everyone to take a stand,” Moticoe said. Ms Moticoe further stated that communities must no longer be idle bystanders in incidents of abuse, ” most cases of violence and abuse happen behind closed doors while some are known in communities and we can no longer turn a blind eye and say: we don’t want to get involved. We need to get involved as communities and we need to expose perpetrators and report abuse.”

The Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison has committed itself to working in unison with communities to fight against Women and Child Abuse through awareness campaigns.

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